Make your bike more soulful

I love bicycle when I was a child. I disassembled all the pars from the complete bike to understand how bicycles are assembled, and I noticed that there are too many parts for a complete bike. It also helped me to know more about bicycles. When I grew up, I started to study how folding bikes are made. I tried to replace some parts and upgrade my folding bicycle to make it smooth and better riding experience.
When I was starting up my bicycle business, a factory I work with stole my idea of a bicycle part and registered it as their patent. I have also been treated with scorn and been ridiculed by people who don’t like what I do , but I still believe that humans are born good. I’ll find the right person/partners one day.

The upgrade parts are designed/developed for BIRDY and BROMPTON folding bikes. Our mission is to offer good products to public and unique design frames as we offer customized painting services. We want people to have better riding experiences with our products.

Please let us know if you have any comments/feedback.


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